Allison DuBois Net Worth: An Overview of the Psychic Medium’s Earnings

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Allison DuBois, an American author and medium, gained widespread recognition after the television series Medium was created based on her life and experiences. DuBois has actively participated in solving crimes by working with law enforcement agencies using her psychic abilities. DuBois’s talents as a writer and entrepreneur inspire writers, bloggers, and young creative minds worldwide. She has built a substantial wealth that many of us aspire to create by harnessing her abilities and talents.

Her net worth, as reported, varies between sources. Some claim that her fortune amounts to a staggering $200 million, while other sources estimate DuBois’ net worth to be around $2 million. Regardless of the exact amount, it is evident that DuBois’ is one of the richest writers and her work as an author and medium has paid off considerably, allowing her to lead a comfortable life.

Net Worth

Allison DuBois is an American author and medium with a net worth of at least $2 million. Allison DuBois’s career as an author began with the release of her book, Don’t Kiss Them Good-Bye, which caught the attention of the entertainment industry. This book eventually led to the creation of the TV series Medium, starring Patricia Arquette and based on DuBois’ experiences and abilities. 

The show ran for seven seasons, boosting her exposure and financial success. Apart from the TV series, DuBois has written several other books, which have contributed to her earnings. She also conducts seminars and offers psychic readings, generating additional income.

It is essential to note that Allison DuBois’ net worth may vary depending on various factors, including her ongoing projects, royalties, and expenses. However, her literary accomplishments and involvement with the hit show Medium have undoubtedly significantly shaped her financial success.

Allison DuBois: A Brief Overview

Allison DuBois net worth
Allison DuBois is an American author, and medium with a net worth of at least $2 million

Allison DuBois is an American author and medium with a net worth of at least $2 million. Born in Phoenix, Arizona, in January 1972, she gained fame for her psychic abilities and has penned several books on the subject, including Don’t Kiss Them Good-Bye and We Are Their Heaven: Why the Dead Never Leave Us.

Her psychic abilities and experiences inspired the widely-acclaimed TV series Medium. The show was a hit and further propelled DuBois’ reputation as a renowned medium. In addition to her success as an author and television personality, DuBois holds a strong familial bond. DuBois stays strong in her self-belief and chosen career path; she once said:

“If you let people break your spirit and detour you from your path, then you have not been true to yourself or those you’re here to touch, those who believe in you.”

Allison DuBois

She is married to Joe DuBois, an aerospace engineer, and together they have three daughters: Fallon DuBois, Sophia DuBois, and Aurora DuBois. Sophia is a dancer and a comedian, further showcasing the family’s diverse talents.

Allison DuBois‘ work as a psychic and author has brought her financial success and placed her name in the limelight. With her $2 million net worth, she is a prominent figure in the world of psychics, authors and television personalities.

Allison DuBois’ Career

Television Appearances

Allison DuBois gained prominence for her role as a consultant in the television series “Medium,” which was inspired by her life. She claims to use her psychic abilities to assist law enforcement officials in solving crimes, forming the basis of the show. The TV program successfully ran for six seasons, and she gained recognition and a considerable following due to her profession and the series.

Books and Publications

Don't Kiss Them Goodbye
Allison DuBois gained fame for her psychic abilities and has penned several books on the subject, including Don’t Kiss Them Good-Bye

Allison DuBois is a published author known for her book “Don’t Kiss Them Good-Bye,” which also inspired the “Medium” series. In addition, DuBois has authored several other books exploring her experiences as a purported psychic medium.

Notable books:

Allison DuBois‘ career has garnered her a net worth of $2 million from her work as an author and a psychic medium. Her pursuits in the public eye have attracted both praise and skepticism as she continues to share her experiences and offer her services to people seeking answers and insight. Check out our guide with the best leadership books for young entrepreneurs!

Factors Affecting Net Worth

Royalties and Sales

Allison DuBois, an American author and media personality, has a net worth of $2 million. A significant portion of her earnings can be attributed to her successful writing career. Don’t Kiss Them Good-Bye inspired the popular television series Medium. The show’s success has likely contributed to DuBois’ royalties and sales.

Psychic Services

Allison DuBois is famous for her psychic abilities, inspired by the television series Medium. Her services as a psychic have boosted her net worth. By offering readings and consultations to clients, DuBois can capitalize on her unique skills, bringing in additional revenue and solidifying her financial standing.

Net Worth Comparison: Psychics and Television Personalities

Allison DuBois, the renowned psychic and author, has accumulated a net worth of $2 million throughout her career. DuBois is known for inspiring the popular CBS television show Medium based on her psychic abilities and life experiences, where Patricia Arquette played the role based on Allison. When comparing DuBois to other well-known psychics, we can see a range of net worths and success within the field. Some of these notable psychics are:

  • Sylvia Browne: American psychic and author with a net worth of $1.5 million.
  • John Edward: American television personality, author, and psychic medium with a net worth of $3 million.
  • Theresa Caputo: American medium and reality television star with a net worth of $4 million.

It is evident that the net worth of psychics and television personalities varies depending on their level of involvement, success and exposure. DuBois has established a successful psychic and author career with several popular books and public appearances. Interested in this topic? Check out our round-up of Carl Jung best books!


Allison DuBois, a renowned American psychic and author, her net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. Researchers like Gary Schwartz of the University of Arizona have tested and validated DuBois’ psychic abilities. 

Her extraordinary talents have helped her establish a successful career and captivated public interest. The popular TV series “Medium” is based on her life and experiences, further contributing to her net worth and prominence.

In conclusion, Allison DuBois‘ achievements in her field, coupled with her successful authorship, have significantly contributed to her net worth and made her one of the most renowned psychics in the world today. Her involvement in solving crimes and her demonstrated psychic abilities have earned her financial success and public recognition.

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