‌Enago Plagiarism Checker Review
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  • Accuracy
  • Ease of Use
  • Functionality

‌Enago Plagiarism Checker Review: The Bottom Line

Enago is a plagiarism, grammar, and tutoring tool all-in-one. The advanced plagiarism checker and instant access to quality editors make it a must when handing in assignments. These tutors will spot errors and walk you through how to improve. If you’re a student or someone working in education, Enago is a valuable tool. The plagiarism checker is on par with Copyscape, and their editors will work with you to produce the best assignment.

In short, if you’re a student or work in academia, Engao is worth it. The plagiarism algorithms don’t miss anything, and the bulk checkers allow for up to 15 checks at once. If you need some hands-on help, feel free to contact professional editors.


  • The plagiarism checker tool is on par with Copyscape.
  • You can check up to 15 assignments at once.
  • The translator can accurately translate content into several languages.
  • In addition, Enago has tutors that’ll work on your paper with you.
  • Data security is top-quality.


  • The proofreading software isn’t accurate.
  • There’s no free plagiarism checker.
  • It’s expensive if you’re writing articles regularly. 

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