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Speechify Review
  • Ease of use
  • Accuracy
  • Affordability
  • Additional features
  • Listening Experience

Speechify Review: The Bottom Line

Speechify is a valuable tool for freelance writers, students, and people with dyslexia since it converts text to speech within seconds. I also like the unique features like Inbox Zero, optical character recognition, and instant translation because it clears up busy mornings and saves time. In short, if you want a tool that instantly transforms your text into audio, Speechify is worth it.


  • Speechify translates your writing into over 60 languages
  • It’ll read new emails to you
  • You can turn your favorite books into audiobooks
  • It makes daily life easier if you have dyslexia
  • The Chrome extension makes converting text-to-speech convenient. 


  • The voice doesn’t sound like a human
  • It has a word limit of 150,000 words 
  • The marketing on the free plan is aggressive