Dramatic programming in the UK, or television drama and television drama series in the United States, or teledrama in Sri Lanka, is television program content that is scripted and (normally) fictional along the lines of a traditional drama. This excludes, for example, sports television, television news, reality show and game shows, stand-up comedy and variety shows. By convention, the term is not generally used for situation comedy or soap opera. Most dramatic television programming falls within other standard categories such as miniseries, made-for-TV movies or certain rather circumscribed dramatic genres. One major category of dramatic programing, particularly in the United States, is crime drama. Some examples of BBC dramatic programming would be the serials The Six Wives of Henry VIII or Our Friends in the North. Some examples of US television drama series are Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, The Wire, The Sopranos, Sons of Anarchy, Lost, House of Cards, Grey’s Anatomy and Mad Men

David Mamet Teaches Dramatic Writing

The Bottom Line

Overall, I’m satisfied with the David Mamet Masterclass. His teaching style is easygoing, and the assignments allowed me to practice my storytelling skills. The only shortcoming is that Mamet doesn’t go as in-depth as other Masterclasses. He’d skim through topics quickly, sometimes leaving me with more questions than answers. However, it’s still a solid starting point for many aspiring screenwriters and playwrights. You’ll learn about the basic rules of dramatic writing, and you can always conduct your research to dive deeper into individual topics. Interested in learning more? Check out our Steve Martin MasterClass review!


  • You gain insight into Mamet’s creative process
  • The chapters are around five minutes long, making the lessons easy to understand
  • His advice transfers well into copywriting and content writing
  • The assignments provide real-life practice


  • The lessons don’t dive deep into individual topics
  • He doesn’t address how to land a job as a playwright