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Are you looking for content optimization software that can help you with SEO? Take a look at a few key options below!

If you are anything like me, you probably use a search engine when searching for goods and services. If you run a business, your customers probably do the same thing. Therefore, you must have a strong online presence if you want to build a successful company. That is why you need to have a strong content marketing strategy.

To build a strong content strategy, you need to focus on keyword research that will help you target the right organic traffic. By focusing on your search engine results pages (SERP), you can target the right organic search traffic with strong content creation strategies.

As the search engine algorithm changes, you need to target the right metrics with each individual piece of content. How can you use a software program that can help you improve your readability and search engine optimization? Take a look at a few key examples below.

The Top Options for Content Optimization Software

Content optimization software options

A few content tools that can help you improve your content performance include:

1. Clearscope

Pricing: Clearscope starts at $170 per month

Clearscope can provide an in-app report or act as an add-on to Google Docs

One of the most popular content optimization tools is Clearscope. Clearscope is ideal for writers and marketers who want to make sure they include the most important terms in each piece of content.

Clearscope can provide an in-app report or act as an add-on to Google Docs. Furthermore, users can optimize their content in real-time as they write. 

Listen to my interview with Bernard Haung, founder of Clearscope

  • It is quick and easy to use.
  • It helps you target the right keywords and headers.
  • It can provide basic research on important questions.
  • It is not the most exhaustive research tool.
  • It does not provide a lot of analytics.

2. MarketMuse

Pricing: MarketMuse starts at $79 per month

MarketMuse is a great option for anyone who needs multiple people working on a piece of content at the same time

Another popular tool that content teams may find helpful is called MarketMuse. MarketMuse is mainly used for post-production content optimization; however, there are pre-production tools as well.

MarketMuse can be used to help writers outline their capabilities and take advantage of research tools. MarketMuse is a great option for anyone who needs multiple people working on a piece of content at the same time.

  • It is relatively inexpensive compared to other options.
  • It has both pre-production and post-production tools.
  • The outline features are outstanding.
  • MarketMuse editor is difficult to use in real-time.
  • It has a steep learning curve.

3. Frase.Io

Pricing: Frase starts at $45 per month

This is a tool that pulls topics and keywords from Google

Frase is a tool that has been specifically designed for consultants and smaller teams. It is a great tool that can help users generate SEO article outlines and conduct keyword optimization. Therefore, it can help with both pre-production and post-production for content.

This is a tool that pulls topics and keywords from Google, allowing users to figure out how to structure a piece of content. Then, users can balance keyword density with keyword targeting. 

  • It is not that expensive when compared to other tools.
  • It can help with keyword density and keyword optimization.
  • It produces an outline that can guide the writing process.
  • The research is not as exhaustive as other tools.
  • The keyword data from other tools is more accurate.

4. SparkToro

Pricing: SparkToro paid plans starts at $38 per year

This is an artificial intelligence tool that will crawl social media platforms and websites

A lesser-known tool that can be helpful in certain situations is called SparkToro. This is a tool that offers a free plan before stepping up to premium plans. This is ideal for conducting persona research with content marketing and teams.

This tool can help you find the right target market for your products and services. This is an artificial intelligence tool that will crawl social media platforms and websites to help you collect information on your target market.

  • This is a tool with a free plan
  • It can help you create a complete target market persona
  • It can help you find the right influencers for your products and services
  • It doesn’t help much with keyword density or content optimization
  • It doesn’t do much for backlinks

5. Surfer SEO (Keyword Surfer)

Pricing: Surfer SEO is free to use but you do have to pay for individual keyword metrics

Keyword Surfer
One of the main reasons why people love this tool is that it is free to use

Keyword Surfer, which is more commonly known as Surfer SEO, is a comprehensive tool that provides a list of keyword ideas, their search volume, and how they relate to each other. One of the main reasons why people love this tool is that it is free to use; however, you do need to pay for certain keyword metrics.

While the data is not as comprehensive as some other tools, it is a well-rounded tool that can do a bit of everything. It provides keyword research, optimizes content in real-time, and checks your keyword density.

  • It is free to use.
  • It provides keyword research and density tracking.
  • It helps you optimize your content in real-time.
  • It can take a long time to optimize an article
  • It can get expensive if you collect metrics on a lot of terms.

6. Grammarly

Pricing: Grammarly’s paid plans start at $12 per month

Grammarly is a proofreader and editor

If you are looking for a tool that you can set and forget, then Grammarly might be the option for you. Grammarly is a bit different from the other tools regarding content optimization. Grammarly is a proofreader and editor.

It does not provide that much information regarding SEO; however, it can help you check your work against others for plagiarism. It can also help you improve your readability, which improves your SEO. Furthermore, the basic grammar editor is free to use.

Read our Grammarly review.

  • A comprehensive grammar checking tool
  • Paid plan comes with a plagiarism editor.
  • It has a very short learning curve.
  • This is not a tool that can conduct topic research for you.
  • Grammarly free is somewhat limited as a optimization tool
Best Grammar Checker

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7. SEMrush

Pricing: Premium SEMrush pricing is $120 per month

SEMrush is one of the most comprehensive tools out there

SEMrush is a great tool for larger teams that are looking to conduct competitor research, keyword research, and backlink tracking. This is one of the most comprehensive tools out there.

While it might be a challenge to learn every feature, it is a tool that you can customize to meet your needs. It can help you with every area of SEO, allowing you to develop a comprehensive strategy with just one tool. 

  • This is a tool that can optimize every area of SEO for you.
  • It does a great job of researching trending topics.
  • It can help you find the right high-quality target keywords.
  • SEMrush can have a steep learning curve.
  • It can be pricey for individuals looking to use every feature.

8. Ahrefs

Pricing: Ahrefs starts at $99 per month

Ahrefs can help you understand what your competitors are ranking for

Ahrefs is a tool that is ideal for SEO, content marketers, and teams. This is a comprehensive SEO tool that is known for doing an exceptional job with SEO data and backlinks.

This is also a great tool that you can use to keep an eye on your competitors. Ahrefs can help you understand what your competitors are ranking for and what you need to do to catch them. 

  • Ahrefs is a comprehensive keyword research tool that can help you stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Ahrefs is one of the top checker tools out there for backlinks.
  • Ahrefs is very easy to use.
  • It does require a few video tutorials to use effectively.
  • Ahrefs does not work well for large teams.

Why You Can Trust Us

I’ve written and published dozens of articles for newspapers, magazines and online publications including, Forbes and Lifehacker. I’m also a best-selling non-fiction author, a trained journalist and a copywriter.

Content optimization software like the options here forms a key part of my writing workflow for non-fiction. I use these tools regularly to improve my work and also to check work by freelance writers who publish content on this site.

Testing Criteria

I’ve tried these content optimization tools extensively while updating content on my websites. I use them as part of my workflow for keyword research and to create content briefs. While evaluating these tools, I considered factors like price, ease of use, functionality and accuracy.

Final Word On Content Optimization Software

If you want to build successful web pages that contain the best content, then you may want to use content optimization software that can help you. The right keyword tool can help you with link building without keyword stuffing.

Some tools even use machine learning and natural language tools that help you optimize your own content. If you target the right search terms, you can improve your search engine rankings and drive quality traffic to your website.

FAQs About Content Optimization Software

Can I combine digital marketing content optimization software with WordPress?

Yes, many of these tools have extensions that work well with WordPress. You might be able to integrate your optimizer with WordPress.

How do I find the best plugin to meet my needs?

It may be helpful to take a look at a case study to learn more about how these tools work. A few of the best tools include SEMrush, Ahrefs, Clearscope, and Moz.

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