22 Best Authors Like Lucy Score for Romance Fans Everywhere

Discover your next romance novel from our list of authors like Lucy Score. From heart-pounding standalone books to interconnected series, we have it all.

Our listicle of authors like Lucy Score offers a diversity of romance authors to satisfy your every whim. Lucy Score fans like her complex stories, multiple subplots, and ability to add an air of mystery.

Score is a top Wall Street Journal and Amazon Kindle Store bestselling author. She hails from Pennsylvania and began writing in second grade. In 2014, she wrote for a small publishing company before embarking on her career as a novelist. She has written ten standalone novels and six series, including The Knockemout Series.

Lucy Score has a strict routine for writing. She said, “I barricade myself in my office. I put on noise-canceling headphones and turn on my writing playlist. Then, I set a timer for twenty-five minutes.”

We showcase 22 of her contemporaries who offer everything from the conventional to the quirky and downright smutty!

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Authors Like Lucy Score Ranked

1. Claire Kingsley, 1977 –

Claire Kingsley
Claire Kingsley and her best friend Lucy Score wrote the book Sidecar Crush

Claire Kingsley is best known for her sexy rom-com novels with happy endings. This Seattle-born author is a bestselling writer on both Amazon and Goodlist. Her 2021 book, Faking Ms. Right, became one of her most popular reads. It’s also the first installment in her Dirty Martini Running Club Series. 

The series centers on Everly Dalton and her boss, Shepherd Calloway. They pretend to be in a relationship to save Shepherd from his gold-digging ex.

Like Score, Kingsley uses humorous dialogue and situations in her novels. She also creates characters with clashing personalities who ultimately turn out to be great fits, proving the old adage opposites attract.

If you enjoyed Lucy Score’s The Christmas Fix, you’ll love Kingsley’s How the Grump Saved Christmas.

“I figured if more people made an effort to be friendly, the world would be a much better place.”

Claire Kingsley, Faking Ms.Right
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2. Christina Lauren

Christina Lauren
Christina Lauren’s works have been translated into at least 30 languages

Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billing decided to work together under one pen name — Christina Lauren. Together, they became #1 New York Times bestsellers and gained further recognition. 

The pair write adult and young adult fiction, delivering exciting contemporary romances and romantic comedies. These novels feature distinguishable characters readers find highly relatable.

Their book, The Unhoneymooners, is the most famous, with over 700,000 ratings on Goodreads. It’s a charming rom-com book with a healthy dose of humor. Meanwhile, Love and Other Words is a touching story of hope, separation, and second chances.

“I am a homebody, through and through, and there’s nothing like being home.”

Christina Lauren, The Unhoneymooners
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3. Colleen Hoover, 1979 – 

Colleen Hoover
Colleen Hover founded “Book Bonanza” to support different charity organizations

Colleen Hover dabbles in many genres, including thriller and paranormal romance. She debuted in 2012 with Slammed, which immediately became a New York Times bestseller. Hoover’s latest feat is holding six of the top ten spots in the New York Times paperback fiction bestseller list.

One of her most notable works is It Ends with Us. It won Goodread’s 2016 Best Romance, with almost 3 million readers sharing their votes. Hoover has at least 25 books under her name, selling over 24 million copies worldwide.

“There is no such thing as bad people. We’re all just people who sometimes do bad things.”

Colleen Hoover, It Ends with Us
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4. Pippa Grant

Pippa Grant
Pippa Grant has written at least 30 novels

As a military wife, Pippa Grant found solace in writing as a form of self-therapy. Nine of Grant’s novels are credited under her nom de plume, Jamie Farrel. Grant creates light-hearted stories mixed with romance and humor. She’s also a USA Today and Amazon #1 bestselling author. 

One of her must-read novels is The Last Eligible Billionaire. It involves Begonia Fairchild and her fake boyfriend, billionaire Hayes Rutherford. It’s a feel-good rom-com with a dog playing as a matchmaker! Another is Mister McHottie, the first book in The Girl Band Series. It’s a hilarious romantic comedy. 

“When he smiles, fairies sing and the sun shoots glitter on its light beams and magical, happy, non-possessed unicorns fart rainbows across the sky.

Pippa Grant, Mister Mchottie
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5. Meghan Quinn, 1986 –

Meghan Quinn
Quinn accidentally uploaded her first book on KDP instead of saving it

American author Meghan Quinn studied English Literature to polish her writing skills. In 2013, she wrote her first book, Toxic. It’s about rocker Rook Tyler and lead singer Maisy Madison and how they overcame their toxic lives to find love. 

There are three Hs in Quinn’s brand: heart, humor, and heat. She experiments with various themes but keeps her tales romantic and sensual. One of her best books is A Not So Meet Cute (Cane Brothers #1). For more, check out our list of authors like Meghan Quinn.

Sometimes it’s not the beginning that screams romance, but rather the journey.

Meghan Quinn, A Not So Meet Cute
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6. Laura Pavlov, 1967 –

Laura Pavlov
Laura Pavlov finished the epilogue of More of Us before writing the story

Laura Pavlov is a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic who writes small-town romance novels. She’s also a USA Today and Amazon top-selling author recognized for her exceptional writing abilities.

Goodreads lists over 30 books under Pavlov’s profile. Her 2022 novel, Always Mine (Honey Mountain #1), is among the most popular. It’s a charming best friends-to-lovers story with relatable characters.

If you enjoy Lucy Score’s Things We Never Got Over, you will also enjoy Pavlov’s Willow Springs Series, especially its third installment, Charmed.

You were always my forever. It just took us a little bit to figure it out.

Laura Pavlov, Before the Sunset
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7. Kathryn Nolan, 1986 –

Kathryn Nolan
Kathryn Nolan was first inspired to write by the Harry Potter and Star Wars series

Kathryn Nolan is a bestselling contemporary romance and romantic suspense author. She is best known for her slow-burn romances brimming with sexual tension. She says her works have “plenty of witty dialogues and tons of heart.

Among her 20 works, her 2019 book Wild Open Hearts is the most famous. It follows Luna de Rosa, a self-made billionaire at the center of a scandal, and Beck Mason, the owner of a struggling non-profit dog rescue center who helps repair her reputation. You should check out this novel if you liked Score’s Pretend You’re Mine (Benevolence, #1). 

“I think in this world, we get to love whatever we want as passionately as we want. Even if it doesn’t fit. Our time on this earth is too precious not to live with our hearts wide open.”

Kathryn Nolan, Wild Open Hearts
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8. Elsie Silver, 1988 –

Elsie Silver
Elsie Silver released her debut book in 2021

Although she just debuted, Elsie Silver is now a USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon bestselling author. This Canadian writer publishes small-town romances featuring near-perfect men and sassy heroines.

For Silver, tension is as important as the emotional connection between characters when writing a novel. One of her best books is Flawless, a new adult fiction about a freestyle bull rider and his supervisor. It’s an excellent book for readers who love the enemies-to-lovers concept.

You don’t tell a person you love them with the expectation they’ll say it back. You tell them because you want to. You tell them because it’s true.

Elsie Silver, Hopeless
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9. Devney Perry

Devney Perry
Devney Perry writes with loud action movies playing in the background

Romance author Devney Perry is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller. In 2017, she published her first book, The Coppersmith Farmhouse (Jamison Valley Series #1). The plot follows Gigi and her daughter moving to a small Montana town. There, she meets the attractive town sheriff, Jess. There’s one problem, though — he’s a complete jerk. 

Another book recommendation for Lucy Score readers is Juniper Hill: The Edens. It’s the story of a single mother, Memphis Ward, and her grumpy, tattooed, and alluring landlord, Knox Eden.

“In that mess, there was passion. In that passion, we were perfect.

Devney Perry, Juniper Hill
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10. Melanie Harlow

Melanie Harlow
Melanie Harlow’ published her first book in 2014

If you’re looking for something similar to Lucy Score’s Blue Moon Series, try Melanie Harlow’s Ignite. It tells the love story of a girl who swears never to love again — until she meets the hot firefighter next door.

Harlow started with the young adult genre and then switched to new adult with Speak Easy. In 2014, she moved to contemporary romance and became a full-time small-town romance author in 2019. While she’s excellent at writing dialogues, she used to have a problem plotting, hence the previous transitions.

I think I’m good at reading people when actually what I’m good at is wishful thinking.

Melanie Harlow, Ignite
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11. Corinne Michaels, 1981 –

Corinne Michaels
Corinne Michaels debuted with her 2014 novel Beloved

Corinne Michaels is a USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and New York Times bestselling author. As a former Navy wife, reading and writing kept her from the loneliness brought on by her husband’s absence. Her romance novels include sensual tales, emotional drama, and humor.

If you’re looking for a refreshing contemporary romance, add Help Me Remember to your list. It’s about a woman who lost her memories, and her brother’s best friend who helps her recover them. Another popular read is The Arrowwood Brother Series, Stay for Me. It unravels the life of a Hollywood actor who is very good at faking everything and a single mother who teaches him how to love.

“I spent my entire life searching for something worth fighting for, and you were in front of me the whole time.

Corinne Michaels, Help Me Remember
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12. Stephanie Fournet

Stephanie Fournet
Stephanie Fournet started writing after she failed to get a promotion

Stephanie Fournet is an American contemporary romance author living in Louisiana. She has written 13 novels and one novella focusing on love, relationships, and personal growth.

One of her most exciting tales is her 2019 novel Kind of Cursed. It’s a contemporary rom-com where every woman in the main protagonist’s family is exceptionally fertile. In their case, birth control doesn’t work. “Going to the altar knocked up is pretty much a family tradition.” It’s a wholesome book that features a slow-burn romance.

Another bestselling romance book from Fournet is her 2018 novel Shelter. It tells of Elise Cormier and Cole Whitehurst, who have known and hated each other since childhood, but circumstances throw them together in adulthood, and the relationship changes significantly!

“I will touch her morning, noon, and night, I promise myself, the first decree of this new world. I will make sure she laughs every day. This isn’t just a promise; it’s a constitution”

Stephanie Fournet, Kind of Cursed
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13. Katherine Center, 1972 –

Katherine Center
Katherine Center has ten bestselling novels

Aside from being a New York Times bestseller, Katherine Center also has back-to-back Netflix movie adaptations for her novels The Lost Husband and Happiness for Beginners

Happiness for Beginners is a heart-warming read about the newly divorced Helen Carpenter. Urged by her brother, she goes on a wilderness survival course where her brother’s best friend, Jake, distracts and kisses her.

If you want to travel back in time, Center’s 2022 novel, The Bodyguard, is an excellent flashback to a 90s romance. It’s about Hannah Brooks working as an undercover bodyguard for celebrity surfer Jack Stapleton. 

“The things we remember are what we hold on to. And what we hold on to becomes the story of our lives.”

Catherine Center, Happiness for Beginners
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14. Winter Renshaw

Winter Renshaw
Winter Renshaw writes suspense and thrillers under the pseudonym “Minka Kent.”

Iowa native Winter Renshaw has sold nearly 5 million copies of her romance novels worldwide. For this, she’s a renowned Wall Street Journal and Top Amazon bestselling author.

Renshaw also has a successful career in psychological suspense, with her first book in the genre, The Memory Watcher, labeled “2017’s Girl on the Train.” Another suspense novel, The Thinnest Air, hit #1 in the Kindle Store and spent five weeks on the Washington Post Bestsellers list.

One of Rensham’s most popular reads is the angsty and tragic Royal, the first in her Rixton Falls Series. It’s the love story of Demi Rosewood and Royal Lockhart, her brother’s best friend. It’s a tale of unrequited love, second chances, and happily ever after.

“Loneliness is watching the only girl you’ve ever loved find happiness in the arms of another man.”

Winter Renshaw, Royal
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15. Hannah Grace, 1987 –

Hannah Grace
Hannah Grace owes it to TikTok for making her book, Icebreaker, go viral

Hannah Grace made her groundbreaking debut with Icebreaker in 2022. It’s about a competitive figure skater and a hockey team captain and their hate for each other. This first book in Grace’s Maple Hills Series is a college romance that tackles timely issues such as LGBT+ identities and mental health.

Known as a “fluffy comfort book” novelist, Grace aims to pen light-hearted literature. It’s also her goal to create literature that positively affects her readers’ outlook on life.

If you want something more spicy, read Grace’s 2023 Goodreads Choice Award nominee novel, Wildfire. It’s about two summer camp counselors and their relationship after a one-night stand.

Looking at her makes me want to be the funniest guy in the room, so I can be the one to make her laugh.

Hannah Grace, Icebreaker
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16. S.B. Alexander, 1964 –

Image Caption: Writing became S.B. Alexander’s outlet after learning about her partner’s ALS diagnosis. 

S.B Alexander, or Susan Alexander, is an indie author with over 40 published books. Her novels are usually paranormal, new adult, or sweet romances. Because she draws from her experiences, her plotlines are character-driven and emotional.

Alexander’s most popular collection is The Maxwell Series. The seven-book collection is about the Maxwell family, starting with Maiken Maxwell. My Heart to Touch, the series’ first book, is a young adult fiction about the nerd Quinn Thompson and the basketball player Maiken Maxwell. 

Life is the playground for the impossible.

S.B. Alexander
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17. Emilia Finn

Emilia Finn
Emilia Finn’s experience in fight circuits inspired her debut novel, Finding Home

Emilia Finn has written and published over 70 books, many of which achieved #1 in their respective categories. The Australia-based novelist was a former contact fighter, so most of her works revolve around strong protagonists — literally and figuratively.

For instance, her 2020 novel, Full House, centers around Miles Walker — a pro-fighter in the ring and a single dad trying to provide for his kid. There, he also meets the love of his life, Brooklyn Kincaid. 

Finn continues to publish new books, but her 2019 Pawns in The Bishop’s Game remains the readers’ favorite based on Goodreads ratings. You might also be interested in our list of authors like Olivia Hayle.

If you’re uncomfortable, you’re growing. If it’s easy, then maybe you’re not challenging yourself.

Emilia Finn, Full House
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18. Mariana Zapata, 1986 –

Mariana Zapata
In her teenage and early 20s, Mariana Zapata wrote boy band fanfiction

Mariana Zapata began writing fanfiction love stories as soon as she learned how to spell. She stopped writing for a while until someone told her to share original stories for a change. In 2012, Zapata released Lingus. It’s a friends-to-lovers love story between an adult movie actor and a cheeky heroine.

Zapata thrives in writing slow-burn romances filled with sexual tension. She also prefers strong-willed and relatable heroines paired with swoon-worthy heroes. Her most notable work to date is The Wall of Winnipeg and Me.

Home is where you are. I would go anywhere for you if you wanted me to be there.

Mariana Zapata, The Wall of Winnipeg and Me
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19. Kristen Ashley, 1968 –

Kristen Ashley
Kristen Ashley is a hybrid author who publishes her books traditionally and independently

Kristen Ashley is a New York Times bestselling author of over 90 romance novels. Her books have sold over 5 million copies worldwide and are available in 14 languages. Almost every single novel by Ashley has garnered recognition, such as Law Man, which won the RT Book Reviews Reviewers Choice Award.

Like Lucy Score, Ashley pens alpha male protagonists and creates well-rounded characters. Both writers also write small-town narratives brimming with humor. If you enjoy murder mystery rom-com like Score’s Riley Thorn and the Dead Guy Next Door, check out Ashley’s Rock Chick (Book 1).

“I was made to protect you, and you were made in a way that it would always be worth the effort.”

Kristen Ashley, Law Man
Law Man
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20. Helena Hunting

Helena Hunting
The Twilight Saga inspired Helena Hunting to write her first novel

As a top USA Today and New York Times author, Helena Hunting pens contemporary, angsty rom-coms. Since she loves hockey, the Toronto-based writer often involves the sport in her plot settings.

She is best known for her PUCKED Series. It follows accountant Violet Hall and hockey team captain Alex Waters. As her stepbrother is an NHL player, Violet knows better than to fall for hockey players – but Alex makes it hard not too.

Another popular piece by Hunting is her 2019 novel Meet Cute. It’s a sexy, intriguing, enemies-to-lovers tale of a fangirl and her famous heartthrob idol. 

I think you learn how to live with holes in your heart. You can’t patch them up, or plug them with other people, but you find ways to make it bearable, if that makes sense.

Helena Hunting, Meet Cute
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21. Kate Canterbary, 1979 –

Kate Canterbary
Kate Canterbary claims to write contemporary romances with 3H’s (Heart, Heat, and Happily Ever After)

If you’re looking for a steamy novel with witty banter, Kate Canterbary’s books should be on your list. Canterbary started as a reporter for indie arts and entertainment newspapers. There, she honed the interviewing skills she now uses in her novels.

Today, she focuses on writing contemporary erotica. A Canterbary novel that stands out is her 2014 novel, The Space Between, about Patrick Walsh, a historic preservation architecture firm boss, and his new assistant, Andy Asani. It’s a sassy and sexy workplace romance that will make readers laugh and swoon. You might also be interested in our guide on authors like Robyn Carr.

Close friendships were not my strength, and I was exceptionally picky about the people in my circle. I possessed enough self-awareness to recognize that keeping people at a certain distance was a measure of preservation formed from years as an outsider. I’ve always been a little out of the ordinary.

Kate Canterbary, The Space Between
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22. Penny Reid

Penny Reid
Penny Reid has published 104 books

Penny Reid is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of smart romance. She pens unconventional, heartwarming love stories with smart and quirky heroines.

Her most notable work is Neanderthal Seeks Human. It’s the first in her Knitting the City Book Series and is a part of the Top 100 Romances of All Time by the AAR (Association of Authors‘ Representatives). Reid also participated in the Beach Reads Box Set — a special bundle containing stories from beloved romance authors like Lucy Score and Pippa Grant. Check out these authors like Penny Reid.

We see the strengths and faults in others that we do not or cannot recognize in ourselves.

Penny Ried, Neanderthal Seeks Human
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