Self-publishing advice for writers and authors. Plus top tips that will help you self-publish a book readers love.

In this resource, read guides and articles about self-publishing topics like Kindle direct publishing, Amazon print on demand, making audiobooks and more.

Become a self-published author doesn’t stop with writing.

When the big day arrives and your book is ready for sale, you need a plan for selling online books. Typically, that starts with cultivating a list of loyal readers or a street team who will happily review and promote your books.

These self-publishing resources also contains interviews and tips from best-selling indie and self-published authors.

Vellum review

Vellum Review: Is It Worth It?

In this Vellum review, we explain how this self-publishing can help you prepare a book for publication. If you’re the kind of self-published author that believes in doing everything yourself, then Vellum is a one-stop shop for formatting your manuscripts and taking control of your book design. When I first became an indie author back in 2017, I made the decision to do as much …

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Famous authors who self-published

8 Famous Authors Who Self-Published Their Work

In this article, we profile famous authors who self-published their work. When you look at famous authors on the New York Times bestseller list, it’s hard to believe some didn’t instantly find their way to success. Instead, some went the self-published route first and found traditional publishing fame later, writing their self-publishing success stories. These …

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Should I self-publish instead of traditionally publish

Should I Self-Publish Instead Of Traditionally Publish?

Many authors wonder: should I self-publish? In this article, best-selling indie author Mark O’Neill offers his take. They say everyone has a book in them. Still, for many people, the idea of hiring a literary agent and hawking their precious manuscript or book proposal to countless publishers doesn’t hold much appeal. After all, with the …

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