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Did you ever wonder what is creativity?

Albert Einstein said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun”. More contemporary creatives say it’s the combination of old ideas in different ways.

Don’t worry if you’re not a creative genius. This resource contains creative writing tips, advice and guides. They will help you make connections between creative projects and turn them into products like books and courses that you can ship and sell.

You can also listen to interviews with other creative experts and New York Times best-selling authors who understand where to find great ideas and what to do with them.

Finally, this resource contains insights and extracts from The Power of Creativity, a popular three-part series for writers, artists and anyone who wants to tap into the creative mind.

The 10 Best Story Writing Apps

Findingthe best help for creative writing means looking at a writing tool on your computer that is more than just a plain text editor in a word processor like Microsoft Word. An ideal writing software should offer you the ability to access your document on multiple devices, change text layout and formatting, track changes in your writing project, and use templates.
Blog writers, fiction writers, and those with content writing experience need an app or software that is more extensive in what it offers. A creative writer wants something that makes their process of writing easier and offers distraction free writing. Here are the top apps that are going to help with story writing.

The best storywriting apps

The 15 Best Biographies To Read

There are so many good books on the market, it is sometimes hard to know where to start your literary journey. Start off with a bestselling biography book that tells an interesting true story. Whether it be about a young man in the United States, a definitive biography on African American women from the twentieth century, or an inspiring life story, there are endless books out there that tell an incredible story. Here are some picks on the best biographies available to read.

The Best Biographies To Read
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