A Foolproof Guide to Completing a Big Writing Project

Big writing project

From blogs to articles and social media posts, short-form content is in demand and popular.

But sometimes, short form doesn’t work.

Whether you study and have to complete an essay or try to write a book, writing long-form content is a challenge on its own.

”What is so challenging about it?”, you may ask.


  • Far from every writer can create 2,000-word content, compelling and insightful to read.
  • Many platforms prefer posting short-form content as it’s ideal for striking the audience and generating more organic traffic in a short period of time. It’s quite difficult for long-form content to strike a reader at once.
  • Long-term content will not serve your purposes if not executed properly.
  • It’s challenging to write high-quality content all the time, maintaining it and not disappointing readers.
  • Long-term content has to be resplendent to overcome our shortened attention spans.
  • It has to do its best to keep readers’ attention for more than 10-20 seconds, making them stay and continue reading the article. Such content works better for Google: the longer you stay at a website, the better its ratings are.

You might be a good writer. Or even a brilliant one.

But it might happen you don’t take into consideration psychological aspects of tackling a large project, making long-form content one of the greatest writing challenges you will ever face.

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