How To Become a Writer of Thriller Books: An Interview With Ian Sutherland

Ian SutherlandDo you want to become a writer of thriller books?

Would you like to use Twitter or another social media platform to promote your work?

What kind of struggles are other indie authors facing today and how can you overcome them?

I recently interviewed Ian Sutherland, the author of cyber crime books Social Engineer and Invasion of Privacy as well as the non-fiction book Advanced Twitter Strategies for Authors.

In this interview, Ian explains how he got started with self-publishing.

He also describes how he balances writing with the other parts of becoming a thriller writer.

And Ian explains why Twitter is great social media network for indie authors and thriller writers who want to promote their work.

Q. Can you describe the process of writing your thriller books?

Invasion of PrivacyI wrote Invasion of Privacy.

It was quite a long book, and I needed to cut down some of the words.

There was a prologue, a 10,000-word prologue, right at the beginning, which was a great scene, but all it did was introduce the main character of.

It didn’t have anything to do with the rest of the book.

I edited it out and wrote a replacement scene instead, but I was still sitting there with this 10,000-word scene which I quite liked.

I ended up writing a sixty page novella with this scene. The two stories came together, had a trademark twist, which is what I’m into, and seemed to work really well.

I suddenly had the prequel, which I hadn’t ever planned to write when I was writing the novel, but there it was.

I was able to release both on the same day.

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