How to Change Grammarly Languages

Find out how you can customize Grammarly languages to match what you’re writing or editing.

Currently, Grammarly only accepts the English language for its grammar and spell checker. The browser extension and app do not support Spanish, German, Portuguese, or other foreign languages. That said, you can switch between different types of English in the customization setting so your proofreading and grammar checking matches the English you use. Basically, that means variations of British, American, Canadian, and Australian English. Here’s how you can change Grammarly languages across all devices. 

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How To Change Grammarly Languages?

Changing Your Language In Your Grammarly Premium Account

Grammarly Languages
When you update your language preference in your settings this will apply to all of your Grammarly products

The easiest way to change the language in Grammarly is to log in to your Grammarly Premium account. Update your language preference in your settings. This will apply your chosen language to all of your Grammarly products as long as you are logged in to your account.

Changing Grammarly for Windows and Mac

If you are using Grammarly on Windows or Mac as an app, you can switch between American English, Canadian English, Australian English and British English. Simply find the floating Grammarly widget, and select the gear icon on the upper right-hand corner. Click “Writing Style” and choose the correct English in the “I write in” field.

If you are using the Grammarly Editor for Windows or Mac rather than the app, click on “Account,” which is on the left-side panel. Then choose “Customize” and click “Language” to chose your preferred language. You might also be interested in these essays about language.

Changing Your Language in the Grammarly Editor

If you are using the Editor, then sign in to your account. Click “Account,” then “Customize,” then “Language.” This is where you will find the “I write in” field, where you can select the appropriate type of English.

Changing Your Language On The Grammarly Browser Extension

Grammarly browser extension
The gear icon on the top of the sidebar will open a menu with the option to change the language

For this option, click the extension icon in the toolbar on Chrome or another dictionary. This will open a dropdown box with several options, including the option to change the language. 

You can also do this in the text field. The gear icon on the top of the sidebar will open a menu with the option to change the language. 

Changing Your Language on Grammarly for iPhone or iPad 

If you are using an iOS device, changing the Grammarly language setting is simple. First, ensure you’ve picked Grammarly as your default keyboard. Then, open the app and tap “Account,” which is at the bottom of the screen. Find “Language Preference,” and use that option to choose your dialect. 

Changing Your Language On Grammarly For Android

For Android devices, open the app and tap “Grammarly Settings.” Then, tap “Language Preference” and choose the appropriate dialect. 

Changing Your Language on Grammarly for Microsoft Office

In Microsoft Word or Outlook, you can do the same thing. If you use Word on a Windows computer, find the Grammarly tab and click on “Settings.” This location will show you the “Language Preference” option.

When using Word on a Mac, open a document and then click “Open Grammarly.” Find the sidebar and the gear icon in the lower right corner. Click this, and change your English dialect. 

If you haven’t already done it, learn how to add Grammarly to Microsoft Word.

Why Change Your Grammarly Languages?

When using this online grammar checker, changing your language ensures you avoid seeing spelling mistakes highlighted that are simply different dialects. It will protect you from having to add these common spelling errors to your personal dictionary because the grammar checker will properly assist them.

Grammarly is an excellent writing assistant, but it can’t read your mind. While it does a great job of helping you find sentence structure problems, grammar mistakes, typos, missing commas, and capitalization errors, it can’t tell that you are writing in British English and not American.

As you use the add-on to improve your writing skills, you can tell it what language you’re writing in to ensure grammar spelling errors it highlights are actually spelling and grammar errors. To learn more, read our Grammarly review.


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