6 Best Typing Software Options You Must Try

Improving typing skills starts with the best typing software, and these six options work well.

Typing skills are invaluable for the modern writer. To be a skilled and productive writer, you must also be a skilled and fast typist. The best typing software will help you improve your touch typing skills and speed so you can more quickly produce excellent works.

Yet with so many typing lessons out there, including free options online all the way up to costly software choices, choosing the best one is difficult. Here is a guide to the best typing software to help you narrow down your options and choose one that will help you write faster.

The Best Typing Software Options

Best typing software options

As you look for a place to take typing lessons, consider these choices:

1. Typesy

Who It’s For: Typesy works well for beginning and intermediate typists. It can work to improve speed and accuracy, but it can also teach typing from the very beginning. This makes it popular with homeschool families.

Best typing software options: Typesy
It has adaptive learning techniques that take students to their current level then moves them towards faster speeds and better typing skill

Typesy teaches touch typing for typists of all levels. This program works on Windows, Chrome, Linux and Mac, giving many options to learn to type. It gives the user the freedom to make their own lessons, and it also has video tutorials to make learning easier.

This program is quite intuitive. Students appreciate the adaptive learning techniques that take them to their current level then moves them towards faster speeds and better typing skills. 

Typesy has different cost levels depending on usage. Individuals can get access for $9, while homeschooling families choose a plan that ranges from $17 to $27.

  • User-friendly format
  • Freedom to create personalized lesson
  • Up to five users per account
  • Updates only available for three years
  • Requires online access
  • Learning how to track progress can be hard

2. KAZ Typing Tutor

Who It’s For:  KAZ Typing Tutor is a great option for businesses that need to help their employees learn to type quickly. Adults who missed typing class in high school can also benefit. It also has extra media and information for special-needs learners, making it popular for educational and homeschool settings.

Best typing software options: KAZ Typing Tutor
This software claims that it can teach touch typing for all of the letters in as little as 90 minutes

For students who need to learn to type quickly, KAZ Typing Tutor is a good fit. It claimed that it can teach touch typing for all of the letters in as little as 90 minutes. An accelerated learning method helps it work quickly to teach people how to type.

The accelerated learning method is unique to KAZ and comes from scientific research and brain testing. It uses 11 words in 5 phrases to teach typing fast. 

This program includes modules to help with speed and accuracy after the initial 90-minute instruction. It also has typing tests. An annual online license is $24.99, while a desktop version is $39.99 for Mac or Windows.


      3. Typing Instructor Platinum

      Who It’s For: Typing Instructor works well for young students because of the themed lessons and games. Its affordability makes it popular for homeschoolers.

      Best typing software options: Typing Instructor Platinum
      It detects weaknesses and structures lessons to tackle those

      Typing Instructor combines educational drills with fun games to help keep typing students engaged. Well-known for its excellent progress tracking, Typing Instructor helps students and their instructors see exactly where they are.

      This program has a dynamic learning feature. This allows it to adapt the lesson presentation based on student performance. It detects weaknesses and structures lessons to tackle those. 

      What makes this program so popular is its fun interface, customization options and over 30 games. The program costs $29.95.

      • Option to create your own lessons
      • Appropriate for all ages and levels
      • Affordable pricing
      • Few warm-ups
      • No video instruction
      • Platinum membership required for extra features

      4. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

      Who It’s For: Mavis Beacon’s step-by-step progression makes it ideal for students and beginners, though it does work for all levels. Homeschool families and school teachers often choose this program.

      Best typing software options: Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
      It offers create-your-own lessons and 16 multi-level arcade games to practice typing

      Mavis Beacon is a well-known name in the typing world, and Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing is a step-by-step guide to English typing that gradually increases typing pace and skills. 

      All students start at a beginning level and progress through 44 lessons and 430 exercises until they are skilled typists. It offers create-your-own lessons and 16 multi-level arcade games to practice typing. Using these games, typists can improve their WPM and accuracy.

      Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing costs $39.95. Buyers can use the program on more than one computer. 

      • Individual lessons, assessments, and tests
      • Typing games for fun
      • Works on Mac OS and Windows
      • Students must complete lessons successfully before leveling up
      • No phone support available
      • No video tutorials

      5. Rapid Typing Software

      Who It’s For: Rapid Typing Tutor works well for business and individual use. The tracking makes it work well for school settings as well. It is not for advanced typists but works for those who need basic typing instruction. 

      Best typing software options: Rapid Typing Software
      This keyboard trainer has a virtual keyboard that highlights areas where students are weak

      Rapid Typing Tutor is a free program that offers typing courses for beginners and intermediate typists. This keyboard trainer has a virtual keyboard that highlights areas where students are weak.

      With the user interface, students or instructors can create and edit their lessons or group them into courses. Schools can install the typing courses on their local servers.

      Rapid Typing Tutor is fairly basic and has a simple user interface, but its free price tag makes it popular. 

      • Free typing exercises and instruction
      • Simple charts and tables to track progress
      • Online games available
      • Not designed for Linux and Mac operating systems
      • Outdated graphics
      • No videos or drill tests

      6. Typing.Com

      Who It’s For: Typing.com’s creators designed it to be a typing software solution for schools. Becuase it is a free program, it also works well for homeschool and individual use.

      Best typing software options: Typing.Com
      This real-time online typing tutor program is simple to use

      Typing.com is another free typing software option to offer typing instruction. This real-time online typing tutor program is simple to use and has features designed for schools.

      The goal of Typing.com’s typing instruction is to teach keyboarding, digital literacy and coding skills. It has classroom management options and is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

      Typing.com is free, but it has a paid version that has no ads. It is a web-based program that users can access from any browser.

      • Engaging lessons and games
      • Administrative tools for schools and districts
      • Standardized test prep
      • Requires internet
      • Cannot assign individual lessons to students
      • Ads can be a distraction on the free version

      A Final Word on the Best Typing Software

      The best typing software is one that fits your budget, teaches typing with ergonomics and muscle memory and works on the operating system you use. Each of these six options can be a good choice. 

      FAQs on the Best Typing Software

      What is the best typing program?

      Some options for typing software include:
      1. Typesy
      2. KAZ Typing Tutor
      3. Typing Instructor Platinum
      4. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
      5. Rapid Typing Tutor
      6. Typing.com

      What are the features of the best typing tutor software?

      The best typing software will teach ergonomics, alternate keyboard layouts, including DVORAK and QWERTY, and have options for dictation as well as screen-based instruction. Video tutorials are also helpful. It also needs to track progress, focus on speed and accuracy, and offer tests and practice games.

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