7 Tools For Finding New Writing Ideas in an Emergency

Writing ideas - in-postTo maintain the interest of your followers and attract new followers, you need to produce engaging and useful content on a regular basis. Unfortunately, coming up with writing ideas can be a major challenge.

After all, before you publish a single blog post you must…

  • Find topics that are timely and relevant to your readers
  • Conduct research
  • Create and publish your post
  • Promote your content
  • Get your audience involved in discussions about your posts
  • Share your content

To make things more complex, most blog posts don’t happen one at a time. You may be in the promotional phase with one post, writing another, and hunting down topic ideas for a third.

Fortunately, there are many utilities that bloggers can use to create posts that relevant and that incite engagement.

Here are 7 valuable resources if you need writing ideas in an emergency.

  1. Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey

You may have already begun using Survey Monkey as a simple and easy way to engage in interactive content marketing. This is great, but this tool has an additional use to you. You can use it to survey your readers about the topics they want you to cover in your blogs.

This may seem simplistic, but it is a great way to learn what your audience wants. If you do use this message, here is another bit of advice: tour survey responses are just one form of feedback that should get your attention.

Pay attention to the comments you receive when you post your survey as well.

2. Evernote


Evernote is an app made for writers. It is perfect for everything from taking down quick notes and ideas, to writing lengthy pieces. It is extremely useful as an app for recording blog ideas as you think of them. After all, it’s difficult thinking of new topic ideas.

It’s extremely frustrating to have a great idea for next week’s blog post and then to forget it before you get back to your desk.

If you have an internet capable device and Evernote, this is no longer a concern. If you go with this solution, consider making it your go-to tool for storing your writing ideas.

3. Pinterest


Pinterest is more than just a website for DIY projects, crafts, and recipes. It is a place where you can pin blog topic and writing ideas and search for blog content information.

Have you ever pinned something that is then repinned by several of your followers? If so, whatever it is that you pinned, could be fodder for a future blog.

4. Alltop


Alltop takes all of the hottest topics and headlines and places them in one location just for you. You can explore trending topics by Lifehacker, Mashable, CNN, Wired, Entrepreneur, Tech Crunch, the New York Times, Fast Company, and many other online news and content sources.

You can use Alltop to get an idea of current topics that your readers might want to read about on your blog, and what content will draw in new users. You can also create your own personalized AllTop page to create a custom list of websites to track.

 5. The Content Idea Generator


This utility helps you to find and consolidate popular topic ideas from websites that are in your particular niche. This is a Google doc that you can download, open, and then use to query various websites.

You can use this to gain insight into what is trending on Twitter, Youtube, Google, and other popular websites.

 6. BuzzSumo


If you know who your competitors are, you can use BuzzSumo to find the content on their website that is being shared by your potential customers.

If a particular topic that a competitor has covered in their blog is going viral, you might want to get in on the action.

7. Your Old Content

Recycling isn’t only beneficial to the environment, it is also helpful when you need to generate new blog content. Take a look through your old blogs, videos, Powerpoint presentations, and other content.

Then, consider how that content can be repurposed into new blogs. You could, turn videos and presentations into blog posts, for example. You could also revisit past topics and add a new perspective to them.

Even if you only use one or two of these tools or resources to generate new writing ideas, you will increase your blogging productivity and find that your blogging efforts are much more successful. This will mean more shares, engagement, and best of all readers.

About the writer:

Julie Ellis – as a distinguished writer she is a constant contributor to the prominent internet spaces like Lifehack, Business.com and Trust My Paper. Julie is always open to new, interesting people and new opportunities – join her exponentially growing Twitter audience.

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