Top 70+ List of Words For Book Lovers

Here is the top list of words for book lovers to add to your writing. Read more in this article.

If you consider yourself a book lover or a bibliophile, you understand just how important word choices are. If your favorite class was English growing up, you probably have a bookshelf filled with some of the top stories of all time. You might even consider yourself to be a bookish bookworm. There are lots of great words in the English language, and you might even engage in worship of words from time to time.

What Are Words For Book Lovers?

Words for book lovers
Bookarazzi is a person who likes to take a photo of the books they read

Words for book lovers are helpful for anyone who loves to read. These words can describe terms used within the publishing industry, historical words to describe book lovers, or words to describe your favorite book. These words are emotive and descriptive and carry history with their use.


Words Book Lovers Will Relate To

Booklovers will relate to these words as they describe the characteristics and quirks of a bookworm. These historical, descriptive words have been used for centuries to describe those who love to read.

1. Biblioklept

Sharron was known for her kleptomaniac habits in the bookstore and as the town’s biblioklept.

2. Abibliophobia

Everyone knows to ensure Sam has a book to read at all times; he has abibliophobia, so he can’t be without a book.

3. Bibliobibuli

Reading too much can distance you from your friends, don’t turn into a bibliobibuli.

4. Bibliognost

The knowledgeable professor is a bibliognost; he knows everything about books.

5. Bibliolater

“I love books! I’m such a bibliolater!” Aidan exclaimed.

6. Bibliomancy

Bibliomancy is frowned upon in this town; we do not interpret fortunes from passages of books.

7. Bibliomania

With bibliomania, you’ll always be one book short of the perfect collection.

8. Bibliophage

Paul’s appetite for consuming knowledge and books became uncontrollable; he became a true bibliophage.

9. Bibliopole

Antique books can often be purchased from your local bibliopole; they have access to rare and unique books.

10. Bibliosmia

A good book has an unmistakable aroma; some call it bibliosmia.

11. Bibliosoph

Every college needs a bibliosoph, someone who knows everything about books.

12. Bibliotaph

Leslie was turning into a bibliotaph; she would hide her books in a locked cupboard so no one else could steal them.

13. Bookarazzi

Nowadays, you can make a living being a bookarazzi on Instagram by posting photos of your favorite books and writing about them online.

14. Book-bosomed

We can all be book-bosomed sometimes and carry our favorite books with us everywhere.

15. Epeolatry

The esteemed members of the board all have epeolatry traits; they worshiped the use of words and chose them wisely.

16. Hamartia

Her hamartia was her need for power, she couldn’t fight it, and it became her downfall.

16. Librocubicularist

Every evening the doctor would wind down by reading a book in bed; he was a serial librocubicularist.

18. Logophile

As a logophile, she loved learning new, old words from other languages.

19. Omnilegent

He was omnilegent; he had read every book in existence

20. Readgret

The librarian had severe readgret as she gazed upon the piles of unread books by her nightstand. Would she ever have time to read them?

21. Scripturient

Some of the most creative writers suffer from uncontrollable scripturuent; they must write or go mad.

22. Scrollmate

Stephen King is a scrollmate to many; his readers feel deeply connected to him through the power of his writing.

23. Shelfrighteous

No one likes a shelfrighteous person; they often try to put others down on their choice of reading material.

24. Tsundoku

Jerry was a tsundoku; he had piles of books in his room that he had never read. You might also be interested in our list of root words.

Words To Describe Your Favorite Book

Words hold power to describe books that you love. Check out these descriptive words to use when describing your favorite novel.

25. Best-seller

Every author dreams of becoming a best-seller and publishing a book everyone will read.

26. Acclaimed

Acclaimed authors have left their mark on society and culture; they contribute to building a creative and sophisticated world.

27. Contemporary

Interesting concepts arise within the modern world that exists in this contemporary novel.

28. Daring

The hero’s daring moves and quick wit saved the city from annihilation.

29. Eloquent

The ball was eloquent and beautiful, the knight courted the princess, and her mother was most pleased.

30. Exquisite

An exquisite novel has no flaws; it is perfect in every way.

31. Feel-good

Now and then, we all need to read a feel-good novel to boost our spirits.

32. Must-read

Proclaimed as a must-read novel, Hemingway’s The Old Man and The Sea is critically acclaimed worldwide.

33. Mysterious

Detective novels are always intriguing, but this one is particularly mysterious.

34. Page-turning

Abby couldn’t put the thrilling novel down; it was a page-turning sensation.

35. Passionate

The passionate romance was woven into the novel in a way that touched her soul.

36. Spellbinding

The tale of witches and battle was a spellbinding fantasy in which anyone would become engrossed.

37. Timeless

The novel was timeless; it was written over fifty years ago and still spoke to people of today’s time.

38. Vivid

The imagery and intricate details of the forest created vivid scenes that felt as real as possible.

Classic Words For Book Lovers

These historical words originate from publication companies, avid book readers, and lovers of the literary arts. Delve into the words that describe physical aspects of bookbinding, roles within publication, and interesting classic words used within the book world.

39. Shelfback

The book’s edges are secured with binding, making it a shelfback spine.

40. Literari

The drama teacher was a literari; she was interested in everything to do with arts and literature.

41. Buckram

Buckram is a heavily sized fabric used for binding large library books together.

42. Oinage

Brothers and sisters often make up their language using oinage words.

43. Florilegium

Professors can create a florilegium on their specialty topic, publishing an extensive volume of books to share their wealth of knowledge with the world.

44. Bibliogenesis

Bibliogensis is the production of books, from printing to publishing, and all the steps.

45. Denouement

The final denouement wraps up the plot of a dramatic story; it shows the outcome of the literary work.

46. Paragraphist

The paragraphist of the newspaper writes the body of copy in each editorial article.

47. Booklore

Booklore is essential knowledge for vast fantasy worlds such as The Lord of the Rings.

48. Omnilegent

An omnilegent person has an undeniable need to consume all literary works.

49. Procès-verbal

The court interview was a procès-verbal, authenticated by the witnesses and jury.

50 . Intelligencer

An intelligencer is employed to write and report on current news for publication organizations such as radio, newspaper, or television.

51. Word–stock

Word-stock contains all the slang, local phrases, and idioms used in the local culture.

52. Frontispiece

The frontispiece of a classic novel often contains an author’s portrait on the inside of the cover.

53. Bibliotherapy

Bibliotherapy is excellent for solving one’s psychiatric problems.

54. Exordium

The exordium of a novel helps explain the main plot by providing descriptive details of pre-occurring events and fictional history.

55. Articulateness

The President speaks with great articulateness as he gets his points across.

56. Linguipotence

Many strive to have linguipotence and master the art of speaking several languages.

57. Wordie

The English teacher was a wordie and loved learning and speaking new or unusual words.

58. Double-dome

Many literacy fans are said to have a double-dome and are superiorly intelligent to those who don’t read.

59. Collectanea

Forming a collectanea of your favorite literature is a great hobby to take part in.

60. Assemblage

Many libraries host an assemblage of vintage books for historical study.

61. Periphrasis

When overexcited, it can be hard not to periphrasis and overwhelm your company by using too many complex words.

62. Pidgin

Pidgin language allows people who speak different languages to communicate.

63. Novelette

Creating a novelette involves creating a short story containing a complex world filled with fictional characters and events.

64. Litterateur

When you become a litterateur, it is important to regularly dedicate time to creating written work.

65. Fictionist

Many great fictionists spent over a decade creating literary masterpieces that still hold up today.

66. Inenarrable

Words can’t describe how brilliant this book is; it is inenarrable.

67. Verbiage

The speaker had awful verbiage and did not get their make their points concisely.

68. Wordsmithery

Authors are renowned for their wordsmithery and excellent imagery.

69. Bibliotheca

The bibliotheca had a vast collection of books to choose from.

70. Sesquipedalian

Scientific writing has many sesquipedalian work sections, making it hard for the average reader to understand.

71. Polymath

Steven knows everything; he is a walking encyclopedia, and you could call him a polymath.

72. Colophon

The colophon in the novel contains essential information regarding publication dates, copyright details, and publishing location.

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