10 Screenwriters on Instagram You Must Follow

Are you looking for the top screenwriters on Instagram? If want to become a screenwriter, create an Instagram account and follow these amazing filmmakers.

The world of screenwriting is vast, and everyone has to get inspiration from somewhere. Regardless of whether you prefer Hollywood blockbusters, short film examples, or even independent movies, you should use social media platforms as a source of inspiration.

Many of the top filmmaking talents globally have Instagram accounts that you can follow. You might even encounter a few scriptwriting or screenwriting tips as you flip through their Selfies and stories. You can even use Instagram for book marketing. If you want to add some top industry professionals to your Instagram feed, check out the top screenwriters on Instagram below.

Top screenwriters on Instagram you must follow

1. John August

If you want to improve your screencraft, you may want to look at John August. He is an incredibly talented writer, and he has donated his talents to numerous films over the years. He shares a lot of inside information regarding what you need to become a better scriptwriter, and you can put many of his tips to use in your work. If you want to separate yourself, learn how to write a powerful script with John August. 

2. Rachel Morrison

Rachel Morrison is one of the most productive professionals in the movie industry. She has worked on a wide variety of successful movies, including Dope, and her Instagram account features a lot of amazing candid shots. If you want to learn how to incorporate candid shots in your movies, you should look at her feet to see how to do so.

3. Rodrigo Prieto

Screenwriters On Instagram You Must Follow: Rodrigo Prieto
On his Instagram account, you will find international locations, scenic shots, beautiful architecture, and amazing black and white pictures as well

If you like big-money movies, you might be familiar with some of the movies that Rodrigo Prieto has been involved in, including Argo and Brokeback Mountain. You need to leave your viewers feeling inspired, and his work can give you several important tips. On his Instagram account, you will find international locations, scenic shots, beautiful architecture, and amazing black and white pictures as well. Consider taking a look at his feet if you want to elevate your screenwriting and movie-making abilities. 

4. Reed Morano

If you are into independent films, you’ll understand the importance of having powerful characters. You might not have access to the same special-effects budget, but you can still tell an amazing story, and Reed Morano can help you do exactly that. Pay close attention to how she uses natural light to highlight the best features of her characters. Then, use this to compliment your amazing storytelling. 

5. Mathew Libatique

You may also want to check out Matthew Libatique, who is known for working on films with beautiful footage. He has worked on films of all backgrounds, including Iron Man and Straight Out of Compton. You will find some amazing urban photos, personal moments, and visually stunning black-and-white photos. Check out his Instagram feed for more photos that could serve as a source of inspiration. You can learn how to use photography to enhance your screenwriting abilities. 

6. Paul J. Meredith

If you are looking for Instagram accounts that share tips that can help you improve your screen right in, then you should follow Paul J. Meredith. He is an experienced screenwriter, and he will share tips periodically that you can use to improve your writing capabilities.

Furthermore, many of his posts include stylized graphics and references to popular films that will keep you interested. If you are looking for someone who can inspire your writing, make sure you follow him on Instagram. Check out some of the tips he shares regularly. They can help you improve the quality of your writing as well.

7. Screenwriting U

If you are looking for advanced tips that can help you become a better screenwriter, then make sure you follow Screenwriting U. Here, you can review a few tips that talented professionals share. You might also get an inside look at classes that teach you how to become a better movie writer.

With a diverse array of advice coming from people of all backgrounds, he will have plenty of information you can use to become a better screenwriter. You can identify a new style that you might want to try, and you can take a look at a few projects that some writers have been working on. Consider putting some of these tips to use. They could help you open new doors to potential opportunities. 

8. Film Independent

If you need a daily dose of inspiration, you should take a look at Film Independent. This is an account that will share inspiring quotes, advice, and tips you can use to become a better writer. Sometimes, you simply need to know that you are not the only one struggling. You’ll find some tips for your creative work.

Furthermore, this account will also let you know about special events and conferences that you might want to attend. You can learn from some of the best independent moviemakers around and use those tips to hone your own craft. Take a look at some of the posts they have shared recently. You may find something that can help you get past writer’s block. 

9. Phedon Papamichael

If you want to learn how to wow your audience with pictures of amazing landscapes, then you should follow Phedon Papamichael. He has worked on films such as 3:10 To Yuma, and he posts pictures that are absolutely breathtaking. You will find powerful landscapes, emotional moments, and other beautiful pictures that you can use to help you elevate your craft as well. 

10. Reggie Coleman

Sometimes, you need a gym to get you through that powerful brainstorming session. When you need a diamond in the rough, take a look at the feed from Reggie Coleman. He will share a lot of advice that you can use to develop new ideas for your next big project. He will also share tips and quotes that can help you keep writing even when you don’t want to. If you want to get better at screenwriting, you need to practice. This is an Instagram account that will give you the information you need.

Final Word on Screenwriters on Instagram

These are a few of the many accounts you might want to follow if you would like to become a better screenwriter. There are plenty of popular hashtags out there, and you may want to consider searching for them on Instagram. That way, you find new accounts to follow to help you with manuscript editing.

Remember you need to practice regularly to become a successful filmmaker. It can take a lot of time, but it’s worth it. Then, incorporate some of the screenwriting and photography tips above to put together a cohesive movie.

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FAQs About Screenwriters on Instagram

How can I get better at writing scripts for movies and TV shows?

If you want to get better, the most important thing you have to remember is that you should practice regularly. Then, make sure you collect feedback from other people that you can use to improve your work.

Are there any popular hashtags I should search if I want to find accounts to help me get better?

Consider using hashtags such as #writerslife or #writingtips if you are looking for accounts that can help you get better at writing. Then, you can create the perfect script that can help you make the move to Los Angeles.

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