Quetext Plagiarism Checker Review: Is It Worth It? (2023)

This is a detailed Quetext plagiarism checker review so writers, teachers, students, and other individuals will know if this app can work for you.

Whether you are writing a story, a research paper for school, or a blog for your website, nothing is worse than finding out your content has been unintentionally copied from another source. If you were unable to catch this in time, and instead published your work, being viewed as a plagiarist or thief can damage your writing reputation.

One of the most effective ways to ensure your work is original is by using one of the best plagiarism checkers you can find. This modern tool is an extremely easy way for you to check the originality of your work, whether it’s a few sentences or an entire book. There are a variety of plagiarism detection options online; some with a free plan, and some paid. But their sole purpose is the same; scan a variety of sources to see if the words you used are original, or have been published before.

In this Quetext review, we focus on the features and functionality of this plagiarism checker tool. You can see the various features it offers, how it can help make your originality better, and a quick view of the pros and cons. 

Like some of the best plagiarism checkers, Quetext has been used by millions of people to check the originality of their text, including students and teachers, professional bloggers, and published authors. 

Learn More About Plagiarism

Quetext plagiarism checker review

Plagiarism is the act of taking another sequence of text and claiming it as your own original creation. When writing blogs online, the chance for plagiarism is extremely high, due to the sheer number of blogs out there today. Having original content for your blog can help increase your placement on Google’s search page results as well as drive more traffic to your site. To learn more about plagiarism, visit our other article here.

How Can Quetext Work For You?

Quetext plagiarism checker review
Quetext boasts some extremely large and very in-depth databases they can search through for copied text

Founded in 2016, the team behind Quetext includes less than 10 individuals, but they are dedicated to ensuring their plagiarism checker tool is not only reliable, but accurate as well. Additionally, the team pride themselves on offering a full range of support to each user of their app. 

Quetext boasts some extremely large and very in-depth databases they can search through for copied text. In fact, they not only cover more than 35 billion web pages but also over 20 million published books, and 1 million research journals. This makes Quetext a highly diverse plagiarism checker for a wide range of users.

Quetext plagiarism checker review
You can have an originality report on a 1,000 word blog post within seconds using Quetext

It’s also extremely easy to get started with Quetext. In fact, you can have an originality report on a 1,000 word blog post within seconds. In order to have Quetext check for plagiarism in your text:

  • Visit the Quetext website
  • Paste your text into the search box on the page (Note: For free version users, you are limited to 500 words)
  • Click the “Check Plagiarism” button
  • Wait a few seconds for your results

Once you receive your results, you will notice they are color-coded for easy scanning and viewing. You’ll notice text that has been found in other published works will show up in red font color to make them stand out.

From the red text, you can hover your cursor over the text to see where it originated and how serious the plagiarism is. Sometimes, common terms will be pulled up as a plagiarized term, such as long official names for a place or person. These can normally be ignored as long as the subject of the text applies to that specific term.

In addition to being extremely quick and easy to use for originality searching, Quetext also offers a range of other features that most plagiarism checkers do not have.

DeepSearch Technology

DeepSearch Technology
Quetext’s DeepSearch technology’s extra strict method of text scanning ensures your content will be 100% original and unique

Quetext’s DeepSearch technology is a program that helps scan and pinpoint plagiarized content across millions of sources. It’s the result of more than 10 years of combined research and fine-tuning by the Quetext team to ensure this algorithm works to your advantage.

DeepSearch goes one step further than most plagiarism checkers that simply scan for exact words, instead it will check for words that have been slightly adjusted in an attempt to throw off most other plagiarism checkers. This is called “contextual plagiarism” and is a leg up on the normal sequence matching other checkers offer.

This technology will not only scan for the exact word or phrase, but will check nearby sentences as well to see if words have been squeezed in there in an attempt to bypass a scan. This extra strict method of text scanning ensures your content will be 100% original and unique, even when working with a niche subject matter.

ColorGrade Feedback And Snippet Tool

Colorgrade feedback and snippet tool
If direct plagiarism is detected, the text will show up in red and allow you to mouse over the text to see where it was copied from

After performing a plagiarism check on your text, the results may come back with some words or phrases in different colors. If direct plagiarism is detected, the text will show up in red and allow you to mouse over the text to see where it was copied from. Other similar but not exact terms or sentences can also be displayed in other colors so you know which terms might be a gray area. 

Once plagiarized words are identified with the ColorGrade feature, you can use the snippet tool to analyze the text side by side with its original source. This makes replacing that term or sentence much quicker and easier for you, whether it’s a simple rewording or an entire overhaul. You will no longer be spending several minutes trying to find out just how exact the copied text was.

Citation Assistant

Quetext offers a citation assistant which helps you maintain sources within your document. This is especially helpful for academic papers and scientific research when you need to draw back to previous research or published works that have been made.

Citation assistant
Quetext offers a citation assistant which helps you maintain sources within your document

In circumstances where plagiarism is possible due to the simple nature of the subject, using citations can help you avoid plagiarism while also linking to other authoritative sources that may have done deeper or similar research before you.

When using Quetext’s citation assistant feature, you can cite your sources quickly and easily. Simply tell the program the details you have such as the author name, publisher or other identifying information and you will be presented with citations to use in your work. These can be in APA, MLA, and Chicago formats to suit a wide range of academic requirements.

Originality Report And Domain Exclusion

Your original search result will include an originality report to show you how much of the overall text is plagiarized. This can be extremely helpful for academic papers where original research is needed, or with short stories for published authors.

If you see that only 2% of your work is plagiarized, you can confidently adjust this text and continue on with your goals. However, if 60% is plagiarized, you may want to go back to the drawing board and come up with a different angle for your blog post or research paper.

In addition to the originality report, you can also use the domain exclusion tool to tell Quetext to ignore certain websites when it checks for copied content. This can be helpful for websites working with song lyrics, old nursery rhymes, or historical facts as these will often be flagged as plagiarised even though they break no copyright laws.

A Quick Look At Quetext?

This is an excellent tool for a wide range of users. If you are a wordsmith of any kind, be it a blogger, a Wikipedia writer, a published author, a Great American novelist, or a student working on their college thesis, Quetext can help you maintain 100% original content in whatever you write.

In addition to offering a wide range of helpful features, their development team also takes pride in the extremely diverse collection of websites and other texts they have access to for each scan. Even with this large database of text, scanning your content takes mere seconds to complete.

Quetext is committed to:

  • Accuracy. Quetext pride themselves on offering extremely accurate and very detailed plagiarism scan results. With their massive database of scanned sources, you can feel confident that if Quetext didn’t find a copy of your text, it doesn’t exist!
  • Privacy. Your data is safe with Quetext. They will not sell your information to any third parties, nor will they claim ownership of any text you scan with their databases. Their website is also SSL protected, so if you opt for the Pro version your payment information is safe.
  • Versatility. Their database of websites, published books, magazine entities, and academic papers spans well into the billions. They cover such a wide range of subjects, both common and niche, establishing themselves as a versatile tool for students, teachers, authors, and bloggers alike.

Quetext Pricing

One of the biggest concerns for most people is, of course, the price. With so many free options available online, for a program or software to demand payment, they need to have something to back up the price.

Quetext offers two price plans including a free limited version, and a monthly paid version. Unfortunately, you won’t find an option for longer payment terms such as an annual or lifetime license, so will be limited to monthly payments only.

Quetext Free Version

  • Completely free with no credit card information needed
  • Free trial user is allowed 3 individual plagiarism detector checks
  • Each free check can scan up to 500 words of text at once
  • Offers ColorGrade feature so plagiarised words show up in red
  • Offers a contextual analysis and fuzzy matching report for more complex copies

Quetext Pro Version

  • Pro plan requires a monthly $9.99 payment
  • Does not place a limit on the number of individual text checks
  • Each check can scan up to 25,000 words of text at once
  • Users can upload multiple text files at once for a rapid check
  • Offers an expanded version of the DeepSearch feature with conditional scoring
  • Offers a Citation Assistant for APA, MLA, and Chicago format citing
  • Offers support from Quetext technicians anytime you need it

FAQs about Quetext Plagiarism Checker Review

Is Quetext Plagiarism Checker Free?

As one of the positives of this tool, it does offer a limited free trial for three checks of up to 500 words each. After that, you will need to opt into the paid Pro version to unlock more features and search larger amounts of text at once.

Is Quetext Plagiarism Checker Accurate?

With a combination of DeepSearch technology and a massive database of millions of text-based documents, Quetext prides itself on being extremely accurate. It can locate exact word sequence copies, as well as more complex or fuzzy plagiarism.

Is Quetext Plagiarism Checker Safe?

If you are going with the Pro version and have to enter your credit card information, the website is protected by SSL to ensure your financial information is safe. Additionally, any delicate text information you upload for plagiarism checks is encrypted and protected from leaks.

Testing Criteria

In order to test Quetext, we put both the free and paid versions through a wide range of tests on a variety of original and pre-published material in an attempt to see how accurate the results were when searching for duplicate content. 

In every test, Quetext performed quickly and the results it brought back were what we expected. This plagiarism detection software was able to alert us to material that was found on large and well-known websites, as well as very small and unheard of personal blog pages.

Why You Can Trust Me

Having tested a wide range of plagiarism detectors and writing aids in the past, I am no stranger to putting these types of apps through their paces. While each software or app may offer its own set of features, I have a range of experience in testing all kinds of search algorithms. I will spend a good chunk of time trying different ways to check accuracy, speed of the app, and more.

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Quetext Plagiarism Checker Review

Quetext Plagiarism Checker Review: The Bottom Line

While there are countless content checkers on the internet today, Quetext offers a range of features that many others cannot. Their accuracy is second to none, and with their DeepSearch technology, you can find blatant plagiarism as well as more sneaky attempts at it.

Additionally, the pricing is fair for what it offers. Some online plagiarism checkers will require you to pay per words scanned, but Quetext lumps it all into one monthly payment. The only downside here is that you are limited to monthly payments only, as they do not have an annual or lifetime option.

Overall, Quetext is an extremely versatile and very useful tool for a wide range of wordsmiths. It can be extremely valuable on the academic side with both students and teachers, and can also help up-and-coming or published authors fine tune their newest book.

If you have used other programs such as Copyscape, Duplichecker, or Grammarly’s plagiarism checker but have found problems with the accuracy in either of those, it’s time to try something new. Whether you decide to give the free trial a go or jump right into the paid version, for a plagiarism checker, Quetext can cover all the bases to ensure your text is nothing but 100% original.


  • Offers a free version that lets you check with a 500-word limit
  • Pro version can check up to 25,000 words of text at once
  • DeepSearch technology scans actual word sequences as well as variable sequences
  • URL exclusion option to prevent it from scanning certain websites
  • Extremely secure with SSL encryption for your payment information


  • Free version searches are limited to three uses before you have to upgrade
  • No option for an annual plan; you’re forced to stick to monthly payments