MindNode Review: Is It Worth It? (2024)

MindNode Review
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Functionality

MindNode Review: The Bottom Line

For Mac or Apple iOS, MindNode is an excellent option for mind mapping software. However, if you are a Windows user, there are much better options out there. MindNode is highly versatile, easy to learn, and great for simple or elaborate brainstorming. You can use the quick entry feature to get started within seconds when you’re short on time, quick entry feature to get started within seconds. You can make to-do lists, set a priority system for daily errands, or even create annual goals for yourself. All of these tasks can be synced with your Apple Watch, iPad, or iPhone for on-the-go convenience as well. The price options are reasonable, and the app is getting regular updates to ensure it stays up to date and relevant in today’s fast-changing world of apps.


  • No learning curve to get started
  • Nodes and branches can be simple or elaborate
  • Allows for image and link adding to each node
  • It can be synced to Apple Watch
  • Can store files on iCloud Drive to access on all devices


  • No Android support
  • Payment is made via in-app purchases

Read this detailed MindNode review to see how it works and if it’s worth using for mind mapping and task management.

MindNode is a simple yet powerful mind mapping program available in the mac app store for macOS and iOS that can help you organize your thoughts and make sense of cluttered ideas and plans. It makes it easy to put your ideas on paper and see the big picture without struggling to tie up loose ends or blend in specific tasks or goals.

It’s a valuable tool for many professional and casual users. MindNode can quickly and easily turn your outlines, to-do lists, storyboard ideas, or other brainstorms into an easily understood and well-organized map for you and your team to view.

What Is MindNode?

MindNode Review

MindNode was created to be a visual brainstorming app and one of the best mind mapping programs for the masses. It focuses on being extremely simple and easy to learn yet powerful enough to be useful for corporations, small businesses, and individuals.

A central topic with organized lines to different related ideas is a mind map, and MindNode can help you create just that. Think of it as an area where one idea can be connected to dozens of others at once, giving you a clear view of related ideas, goals, plans, and more.

MindNode can be great for organizing storyboards and creative writing ideas. It can help you select a location or main character and branch off related traits that can then be expanded on as much as you want. 

Additionally, MindNode users can use it for something like planning a vacation. You can set a destination as your central idea, then create additional related nodes of places to eat, nightlife attractions, spa dates, photo opportunities, and more.

Even if you’re brand new to mind mapping software, MindNode makes it extremely easy for you to learn how to set up your first visual brainstorm. From there, you can make it as straightforward or as elaborate as you want without struggling with a steep learning curve.

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MindNode Pricing

You’ll find two price options with the MindNode mind mapping application. The first is a free plan that allows you to create and edit various nodes, set branching, reorganize them as often as you need, import or export files, and sync them with your Apple Watch. 

The second option is their premium option. It is $2.49 per month, or you can pay $19.99 for an annual subscription. With the MindNode Plus option, you can do everything the free version can do, in addition to adding visual tags, stickers, and images, changing the themes, using focus mode, sharing tasks with your team members, and setting up advanced print options.

You’ll also find that the MindNode Plus option offers a few handy integrations, including external screen support with iOS and, as well as Siri shortcuts to make note-taking quick and easy.

MindNode Review Pricing
You’ll also find that the MindNode Plus option offers a few handy integrations

Who Is MindNode For

MindNode can be a beneficial MindManager for everyday individuals and corporate professionals. It is a versatile task manager, note organizer, storyboard editor, and weekly planner. 

You can set goals or make lists, change their priority, and check them off as needed. If that wasn’t enough, you could sync it with the Apple Watch to have your to-do list or tasks with you on the go.

Even if you’re brand new to mind mapping apps such as this, MindNode includes a wide range of tutorials to help you get started. For more experienced users, you can hop in and start selecting your favorite styling options within minutes.

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Problem Solvers

If you are usually the team member called upon to solve problems, having a solid mind mapping app can be a huge help. It allows you to analyze all the different parts of a specific issue, no matter how complex it may be. 

You’ll be able to add potential solutions and then weigh the pros and cons of each. As you spend time writing out possible solutions and expanding on their details, you’ll usually have a much easier time coming up with a solution that works.

Goal Setters

Whether you are setting goals for short periods such as the week or the month or would prefer to set longer goals for the year or longer, a mind mapping program can help lay it all out for you.

It’s never wrong to have plans for your career, home life, hobbies, and more. The more often you look at these plans, the more inspiration you have to keep reaching for those goals.

Project Managers

Finding the right task management system can be difficult, especially when most have ample learning curves to figure out. MindNode is different in that you can have an entire project laid out within minutes. There’s no drastic learning curve, the user interface is highly intuitive and easy to navigate, and adding additional nodes can be done via the Tab key.

Creative Writers

Mind mapping programs are great for creative writers. Whether you are working on fanfiction or the next great novel, starting with a few main sections to your storyline and branching them out with great details is helpful.

Creating a mind map on MindNode can save time overall since you can easily keep timelines organized and relationships between characters or places available at a glance. This visual structure helps make it easier to sit down and write the next chapter.


Mind mapping is widespread with brainstorming as well. If you or your team are using physical items for brainstormings, such as chalkboards or dry erase boards, give the digital version a try and see if it helps with team organization.

You’ll notice that sharing mind maps is easy with MindNode, and other members of your team will also be able to contribute their ideas. This makes it a real group effort without gathering everyone in the same physical office space.

How Does MindNode Work?


MindNode’s primary purpose is to help keep your ideas and projects organized. It allows you to place numerous ideas onto a single page and arrange them into nodes so that you can have a better view of the big picture.

You can view your mind map in the Outline mode to see specific threads side by side or on their own. This makes it much easier for you to make adjustments as you go or send the map to others for outside input.

Once you create your center main node, you can easily branch “child” nodes off of it for extra details. Child nodes are automatically laid out in an easy-to-read and easy to rearrange way by the app itself. It’s all spaced cleanly and allows you to color-code each node to meet your needs.

MindNode Review Branches
Once you create your center main node, you can easily branch “child” nodes off of it for extra details


As you expand your node branches, you’ll start to see the big picture. Adding visual tags helps add context to your mind map. You can prioritize individual ideas or tasks to help you get them done promptly or work with ideas that are not yet connected to a node.

In addition to adding visual tags, you can also attach images and links. Selecting a photo for your mind map is quick and straightforward. You will start by choosing the node you want to add the image to, selecting the image option from the interface taskbar, and choosing your computer’s image.

MindNode Review Stickers
Selecting a photo for your mind map is quick and straightforward


As your project grows and more node branches start to clutter the page, it may become difficult for you to focus on a single idea or section of the map. To help remove the excess distractions, MindNode has a Focus Mode to spotlight a single node branch outline view and fade out the rest.

You’ll still be able to see the other branches faintly in the background, but they won’t be the same brightness like the one you are spotlighting. This helps your mind focus on that particular node so you can get your task or brainstorming finished.


As you create larger and more detailed mind maps, your progress will increase overall. You’ll find yourself spending less time trying to organize notes or search through page after page on Google docs to find the section you need.

MindNode is great for to-do lists, daily errands, shopping lists, holiday plans, vacation plans, and more. You can sync your MindNode projects to the Apple Reminders app on iOS devices and have an easy way to mark off completed tasks or purchased groceries. 

Areas For Improvement

There are very few areas for improvement with MindNode. It does exactly what it says and meets most of my expectations. However, it could be an even better mind mapping tool if it expanded into Android and Desktop PC usage options and file formats.

Additionally, while it did have several themes and templates to get you started, it could use more of each. 

MindNode Review Criteria

I wanted to look closely at how easy the program was to use. I focused on the learning curve aspect first and foremost and how intuitive the interface was.

After seeing how easy or difficult, it was to learn; I moved on to the actual MindNode features and what helped this particular app stand apart from others in the same category. I spent some time viewing the available formats and theme options you can find in the premium version, as well as what the free version offered.

Why You Can Trust Me

I spent quite a bit of time trying out different formatting options, making numerous brainstorming maps, and seeing how easy adding or editing existing nodes was. I have also compared this app to others like it to see where it ranks.