How Daily Writing Shapes Your Life

How Daily Writing Shapes Your Life Writing is more than a profession or hobby. It is a passion to express ourselves in the most relatable and beautiful way.

When you sit back and evaluate your life, you will begin to notice transformation.

Writing on a regular basis, or free writing, helps you plan your life.

Through writing, you can express yourself, spread compassion and deliver information. After recognising the beautiful changes writing can bring to your life, you will certainly want to write about your experiences.

Writing Helps You Become More Responsible and Mature

Writing helps individuals become more responsible and intellectual about their perspectives and thoughts.

This practice helps you become more established day by day, especially if you are as lucky as I am to be a copywriter for Caffeinated, where you have the opportunity to write about different topics you are interested in.

When your thoughts are introspective, you will naturally start understanding.

Also, daily writing helps you evaluate yourself. When you write, you think about situations and events thoroughly, and that allows you to choose between right and wrong. You also get opportunities to express yourself in the most diverse and natural way possible.

For instance, think about a diary entry you wrote after you made a mistake or something experienced something damaging to you. After you read your entry, you will be able to learn from it.

You will evaluate the experience and slowly accept whatever happened. This process can help you become stronger and more accepting.

By becoming more responsible, you will force yourself to become better and create a superior version of yourself.

Writing Enriches Your Knowledge

When you write down anything, you get to explore different ideas, different situations and also your inner self. While understanding day-to-day events, you will be able to learn.

This knowledge will help you become a better person and react correctly. When you write down every experience, every situation and every important meeting in your life, it will help you become more understanding and intellectual.

Writing regularly will also help increase your productivity.

Writing is simply taking notes that will help you in future. The difference is, instead of educational notes, you are writing notes about different life experiences that teach you important life lessons. This in turn, will help you to  become a more productive and influential person while writing on daily.

Writing Makes Understanding the Past and Present Easier

Sometimes, understanding past and present events and the motive behind the events is difficult.

In such cases, writing will give you a view into past events. You can comprehend why and how events caused emotional damage. You will begin to understand the reason behind such an intense disturbance in your life and how you can calm yourself.

When people are able to forgive and forget, they can easily overcome such traumas, and this is where writing can play an integral role.

Research psychologists Richard Tedeschi, PhD, and Lawrence Calhoun, PhD, developed a theory on Post Traumatic Growth (PTG). Tedeschi states,

“People develop new understandings of themselves, the world they live in, how to relate to other people, the kind of future they might have and a better understanding of how to live life.”

Writing Provides a Medium for Expression

Sometimes people are unable to express themselves orally. Many people are not vocal about their thoughts and perspectives. Through writing, people can express themselves because it becomes their strong voice and lets them put across whatever is running through their minds.

When people feel trapped and lonely because they are not able to express their feelings, writing provides a healthy opportunity.

When you write, all of the burden will transfer from your mind to the paper making you feel light, free and calm. Once you have a peaceful mind, you will be able to complete difficult tasks more easily and patiently. This is how writing will empower your ability to complete complicated tasks easily.

Daily Writing Nurtures Your Imaginative Power

The power of imagination is impeccable.

The world evolves from powerful imagination, and through imagination, you can become more creative. Writing enhances your ability to imagine. Writing empowers your imagination while allowing you to trace your inspiration sources to create something meaningful.

Through writing, you can glance at the books, events and words that made an impression on your mind. While you write on regular basis, you will be able to revisit and rethink about ideas.

Writing is a powerful tool that awakens the creative person inside you. Imagine your book as a blank page of your life on which you can add colours and pleasant events and write down everything you want without limitation. Writing lets you be free and articulate whatever you want to.

Writing Provides Direction

We often have to take time and think before making an important decision. However, throughout the entire day, our minds get flooded with creative and exceptional ideas. Not writing these things down is a waste of the ideas.

When you pen your ideas and thoughts daily, you will be able to choose the correct paths to frame your life. Once you are able to find the most specific and suitable idea, you can easily reach your visionary destination.

Writing Helps You Reshape Your Entire Life

Some events might have had a strong and damaging impact on your life. However, capturing the events in writing will let you take control of your own life. By learning things, you will be able to reshape your future, regardless of what you have gone through in your past.

By improving your understanding and maturing, you will be able to choose correct and productive paths. You can become the writer of your own life by developing the habit of writing daily.

If you are hungry for a transformation in your life, start writing daily. This will help you achieve your goals easily and passionately. Plot your life and explore more about yourself through writing.

Catherine Park is a connector with Caffeinated who helps businesses find their audience online. She loves working in the ever-changing digital world and is fascinated by the role content plays in today’s marketing.



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  1. That’s great!

    I too personally feels that writing our thoughts daily will definitely help us to evaluate ourselves. It gives us a feeling where we can properly recollect our thoughts from the past can exactly see what event causes that damage to our mental health.

    I really enjoyed reading this post, keep up the good work 🙂

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