Essay About Camping: Top 5 Examples Plus Writing Prompts

Camping is an excellent way to escape from the commotion of our day-to-day lives. If you need to write an essay about camping, look no further.

What exactly is camping? This cherished pastime involves setting up temporary residence outdoors, typically using a tent. Whether in your backyard, the woods, or somewhere else, this activity has become popular for those seeking fresh air, peace, quiet, and a simple life, if only for a few days. 

Camping can do magical things for the soul: it can reinvigorate you and leave you with a new perspective on life and our world. 

In addition, it offers a unique method for exploring the great outdoors with minimal invasion. Campers can often access more remote locations and secure their perfect vista. Plus, if you decide you don’t like the view, after all, you can move on and find another! It’s something that everyone should try at least once in their lives. 

If you want to write an essay about camping, we have a few essay examples that you can use as a guide. 

Tip: If writing an essay sounds like a lot of work, simplify it. Write a simple 5 paragraph essay instead.

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1. Camping Reflection by Emily Bergman

“We chose an area on top of a hill. The creek was about 75 yards away down hill. We were a bit close to trees, but they did not appear to be dead and no storms seemed to be in the area. Our location was right in the sun which was nice on a chilly day. Our tent also was pitched on soft grass which would of made for a bit more comfortable of a sleep.”

Short and straight to the point, Bergman describes the lessons she taught her class when they went on a camping trip. She talks about the location they camped out at, the equipment they brought with them, and most importantly, the lessons she was able to teach her students, both academic and formative. She notes that it is good that children learn these life skills from a young age to prepare them for the future better. 

Camping is a relaxing pastime but also necessitates a different mindset as you plan the practicalities of your venture, from pitching your tent to choosing a suitable area for cooking and washing. That is what many people find enjoyable about camping. It makes us engage with our environment differently.

2. Camping provides perspective and teaches resilience by Julie Anne Pattee

“Being in nature gives us a peaceful feeling and the much needed perspective that the world is bigger than our worries. Regardless, there’s something that seems foolish about choosing to shed all the hard-earned comforts of modern life. Most of the time, a good camping trip involves putting yourself in some sort of peril. This is not something normal people do on purpose. It’s just that no matter how much you plan, you can’t anticipate every possible scenario.

In this opinion piece, author Julie Anne Pattee writes about a bad experience she had on a camping trip and why she continues to go camping with her family. 

Camping gives her peace, reminds her of the greater world around her, and helps her keep in mind that anything can happen. In her mind, it can make us more resilient, confident, and strong-willed. 

Despite that unfortunate incident on her family’s camping trip, she is attracted to camp again because of the lessons she learned out in the wilderness. 

3. What I Learned From My First Time Camping by Mike Henson

“A rock path, a dam, little fish in a pond – Izzy had never seen these things before. But being there with her, removed from my phone, my tablet, my email, my obligations, I realized that I was looking at these things with fresh eyes, too. Against my nature, I was having fun, and was starting to think this is why campers enjoy camping.” 

Henson provides an interesting perspective in this essay: just as his daughter experiences the wonders of nature during the camping trip for the first time, he is experiencing these for the first time as well. 

He talks about the ethereal world encountered while camping, and while there were some aspects of the trip he disliked, it made for a great experience that he would like to repeat in the future. 

With his anecdotes about family and the warmth of nature, Henson does a great job of convincing readers to try camping out.

4. My First Time Solo Camping by Emily Luxton

“On a last-minute whim, I decided to go solo camping last week in search of a mini-adventure. I had to force myself into it. Months of nightly Playstation and binge-watching everything on Netflix have made me soft and comfortable and just a bit lazy. But, force myself I did because I needed to remind myself what adventure felt like. Or perhaps I should say, that adventure is what you make of it. Yes, climbing mountains and hiking in jungles are an adventure. But so is camping solo for the first time, so is sitting out alone at night under a sky full of stars. So is trying anything new.”

Similar to what Henson writes in his essay, Luxton reflects on her first experience on a camping adventure, in this case, her first time camping out by herself. She describes both the positive and negative aspects of her trip. 

Despite her discomfort, she is content with the peace and solitude she experienced. People may think you need to go far to have a great adventure; however, Luxton proves that adventure can start the minute you step out of your door. Camping can be peaceful, but it can be exhilarating and adventurous too.

5. Growth and Reflection in Joshua Tree National Park by Ingrid Carrillo and Edgar Pedroza

“What had changed over the last few days to cause such a transformation? Where had this strength come from? It was there all along, just waiting to be discovered. Therein lies the importance of placing ourselves in environments that will not only challenge us but make us uncomfortable and reveal the strength within us.”

Carrillo and Pedroza talk about their love of nature, shown through their trip to Joshua Tree National Park. They narrate the events of their trip day by day, describing their activities, the emotions they experienced, and their interactions with their fellow campers. 

Carrillo highlights how the trip made her realize her love for nature, conservation, and freedom, while Pedroza remembers overcoming his fears. This wild camping and hiking expedition ramps up the quality of the experience but also increases the personal challenge, testing both your physical and mental strength.

Essay Prompts About Camping

1. How was your camping experience?

For those who’ve already gone camping, this should be straightforward. Reflect on your experiences, just like many of the authors in the sample essays do. How did you plan your trip, and what events unfolded from when you arrived at the camp? What did you like or dislike about your trip? How did camping make you feel? Did you realize anything about yourself or your surroundings? And would you recommend the experience?

2. Should you go camping? For and against

In this instance, pick a side and argue in favor of it. Based on the pros and cons of camping. Decide on whether it would be good for someone to try it or not, and explain your reasoning. Inform your reader of the numerous options for camping in terms of location and facilities. Be sure to mention specific points against your side and refute them. Remind your audience that this is based on your own opinions. 

3. Where are the best places to camp out?

Essay about camping: Where are the best places to camp out?
You can base your answers on reviews, photos, and internet searches even if you haven’t been to these places

Compile a list of attractive places for a camping trip in your area, or, at least, your country or state. You can base your answers on reviews, photos, and internet searches even if you haven’t been to these places. Make sure to add detailed descriptions but, at the same time, not too lengthy. Include the pros and cons for each location you select.

4. What makes camping so appealing?

Camping has become a beloved pastime for weekends and more extended vacations for many. In your essay, you can explore the reasoning behind its popularity. Research the history of camping and read people’s reflections like the ones listed above. If you are fond of camping, you can include your thoughts and opinions about camping and what makes it enjoyable.

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