• Become a Better Non-fiction and Creative Writer

    Generate consistent ideas that you can use today

  • Get the Right Kind of Help

    Find a mentor and act on constructive feedback about your work

  • Begin with the End in Mind

    Avoid wasting time and finish what you started

  • Learn the Difference between Amateurs and Professionals

    Treat your writing like a job and not just a hobby

For the Price of a Cup of Coffee

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  • This book has a lot of good content especially for the beginning writer.
    Susan H
  • So many great ideas of how to get off your duff and just write.
    Susan Lynn Suehr
  • One of the best books on writing I've encountered in a long while.
    Anthony Metivier
  • Good tips and ideas. Well constructed and written. Have referred other writers to it.

For the Price of a Cup of Coffee

Buy Now from Amazon